Uncle WoodyLegends tell that the original recipe for this caramel popcorn was first crafted and refined in rural Illinois by 'Uncle Woody'. A closely guarded secret by family and friends alike, this caramel popcorn, affectionately now known as "Uncle Woody's", was initially only popped in its locality to mark the end of harvest and to provide some release for the winter months to come. Only after modernity reigned and Uncle Woody faded into myth was the caramel popcorn produced on a regular basis and for a wider audience.

After a handful years of bursting through the streets of Chicago (and quickly becoming one of Mayor Daley's many guilty pleasures) the recipe began to look West in search of sweeter pastures. Eventually and quite purposefully settling in Seattle, the recipe gradually took root in the palates of Nancy and Vini. Establishing Seattle Popcorn Company in 2002, Nancy and Vini produced and sold Uncle Woody's for a handful of years at local markets, establishments, and for varying interested parties.

In 2007, an unexpected yet welcomed union was forged: one of the original maker's direct descendants joined the company. Through this new and long-sought relationship the company began to craft not only a delicious product, but a family as well.

To Be Continued...


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